Life-time learning experience of field data collection

Let me introduce myself first. I am Saugat Singh Khadka, 25, a student of Social Work and Psychology studying at Goldengate International college. Recently, I got a chance to participate as a Field Researcher for RePLANT Baseline Survey which was led by Nepal Institute of Research and Communications (NIRC) and funded by iDE Nepal. The survey was conducted in Dang and Banke  districts. We were a total of 25 field researchers for data collection and I was part of the Banke team.

I was very much excited for this field trip as it was a new experience for me to collaborate with the team as well as this was a perfect chance to learn something new. Our trip began on 29 Nov, 2022, after we were oriented about data collection tools and techniques as well as using KOBO collect application for the data collection. The main objective of our survey was to document the situation and practices of post harvest in the sites.

Based on my experience, the data collection was very much fulfilling one, and far greater than what I had expected. There are various reasons for this. First of all I got chance to meet people from different caste, culture, tradition, communities and even religions. We went to unexplored villages and visited municipalities where we were exposed to various harvest, storage and farming practices. The participant communities were very friendly, kind hearted and received us with warm heart. One of the villagers even offered us food while we were on the field. The research team also provided good hospitality & security for our team.

This exposure provided to us by iDE Nepal, NIRC and Goldengate International College was an overwhelming and unbelievable journey. I would like to work even more for the team as a student of social work. Not only this, this research enhanced my knowledge about the lifestyles of people living in heart of Terai. I loved our work and thanks to the team as giving this glorious opportunity to collaborate and work together as a team for which we are very grateful.

Overall, it was an unforgettable experience for me and look forward to learning more.

Contributor: Saugat Singh Khadka

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