A network of Nepali organizations looking for (positive) change in thinking and doing the development sector

About D3N

Doing Development Differently – Nepal (D3N) is a network of Nepali organizations willing to take that extra step to think and do development differently. Learning from the previous and current practices of the development sector in Nepal (especially how it thinks and functions), the Network seeks to reflect on these practices as a group. These reflections, we believe, will help the Network members to revisit our thoughts and practices. We also believe that these initiatives, through these reflections, we can together make better engagements and impact in the field.

Behind D3N

The D3N network is initiated by 2 Nepali organizations namely Nepal Institute of Research and Communications (NIRC) and Transformative Research Initiative (TRIN). These organizations are founded by development practitioners working in the social development and justice sector.

What would be the network’s activities?

  • Round table discussions
  • Policy reviews
  • Primary research
  • Book reviews/discussions
  • Blogs/Vlogs
  • Podcasts

Of course, the list above is not exhaustive. We are looking for different ways to carry out activities so that it makes a real difference. 

Where are we?

The Secretariat of the network is based at the NIRC office at Subidhanagar, Tinkune, Bagmati Province, Nepal. 

Interested in the Network?

Please feel free to contact us at <contactnirc@gmail.com> or call us at: (977) 15104051 for more information on what we are up to and how we can do development differently!


Watch the launch video of the network:

Launch of Doing Development Differently – Nepal (D3N) Network – YouTube