Provincial Factsheets on Situation of Women in Nepal

United Nations Nepal has published provincial latest factsheets on various statistics of women in Nepal such as population, disability, political participation, access to bank accounts, education, access to technology, access to media, ownership of land and house, gender based violence,  decision making in private sphere, employment, among others.

Read more about the factsheets here: Factsheet on Women, 2021 | UN Nepal Information Platform


Assessment On Risk And Preventive Measures Of Gender Based Violence During Covid-19 Lockdown Period

An assessment conducted by Women Rehabilitation Centre (WOREC) highlighted severe cases of gender based violence during the lockdown period. Some staggering statistics include:

56% respondents shared there is high chance of occurring violence during lockdown period. 75% respondents shared domestic violence like physical violence and verbal abuse can happen, 46% said
rape, 36% said sexual abuse, 33% said attempt to rape and 49% said there is chance of happening suicide during lockdown period.

Read the full report here: WOREC, Nepal (