Research Uptake: A Guide for DFID-funded programmes

This guidance aims to support DFID-funded research programmes as they develop and implement their research uptake

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Research Uptake: what is it and can it be measured?

This blog by Enrique Mendizabal published in On Think Tanks shares alternative perspectives on Research Uptake such as research “downtake” and “sidetake”

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Research Uptake – what goes in is what comes out

This blog by Sudeep Uprety published in Research to Action shares the importance of embedding Research Uptake from the beginning of the project period.

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How to write a research uptake strategy

The following resource was originally developed for a research uptake workshop held at the Kemri Wellcome Trust Research Programme, Kenya from 12–14 September 2017. The workshop covered the stages of developing a research uptake strategy, steps to writing a policy brief, an introduction to data visualisation and tips for using social media for research uptake.

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Guiding principles on uptake, impact and communication of research

This document outlines the principles about research uptake, impact and communication of research agreed between ESRC and DFID. This set of principles is relevant to the joint fund and will also inform other partnership programmes
between DFID and ESRC. It focusses on how to maximise the potential impact of the research on policy and practice at a scheme level and articulates the funders’ expectations for individual awards around research uptake and impact.

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Research Uptake in the Covid-19 Crisis

This blog by Silvia Guglielmi highlights Research Uptake considerations in the Covid-19 context for Gender and Adolescence: Global Evidence (GAGE) programme managed by Overseas Development Institute (ODI).

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