Trafficking in Persons in Nepal: National Report 2018

This study is a continuation of previous National Reports published by Nepal Human Rights Commission. This report mainly focuses on the situation of trafficking in persons in Nepal with special reference to both cross-borders trafficking and internal trafficking. It examines the nexuses between migration for foreign employment and trafficking; monitors the counter-trafficking initiatives and law enforcement status and judicial responses to trafficking. It further goes on assessing the implementation status of the NHRC recommendations related to prevention and combating trafficking in persons. 

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Handbook on Restorative Justice Programmes: Second Edition

This Second Edition of the Handbook on Restorative Justice Programmes has been developed for the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) by Yvon Dandurand, Fellow and Senior Associate at the International Centre for Criminal Law Reform and Criminal Justice Policy, and Annette Vogt, School of Criminology and Criminal Justice, University of the Fraser Valley, Canada, in close collaboration with Jee Aei (Jamie) Lee, Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice Officer at UNODC.

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Nepal Justice Sector Assessment

This study was carried out by the International Security Sector Advisory Team of The Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF). The report details about: Security and Justice needs, Institutional capacities and management, external accountability and institutional effectiveness of non-state actors, among others.

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